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Welcome to SCY web site.  Please meet our Instructors and check the Class Schedule for a class that is right for you.

Updates to this site are often.  Please check back often.

Last update: 1/1/11


Smiling Circle Yoga

& Massage Therapy Studio, LLC

Winter Greetings from Yeong

Greetings SCY Students, 

Very Warm Greetings to all SCY students and clients,

Happy New Year, Everyone!  I hope that this greeting finds all in good health and spirit.  It has been an exciting year 2010 for me both personally and professionally.  I hope that all of you are experiencing joy and growth in all aspects of life.  And if last year has been a tough one for you, please have faith and perseverance so that the New Year 2011 WILL bring all of whatever you set your goals to. 

Recently I have completely level two training in Lymphatic Drainage Therapy (LDT) hosted through Chikly Health Institute.  What an amazing and transformational experience that was for me!I have learned so much more about LDT and gained new direction in my pursuit of helping people who are suffering from injury and surgical scars. 

To expound a bit further, Lymphatic Therapy is an incredibly gentle body therapy that can potentially result significant benefits in relatively short time, sometimes in just one session, in terms of increase in range of motion, decrease in pain, and increase in circulation, thus further increase the healing time.  This work is especially important for people with post surgical scars or many difficult chronic conditions, such as frozen shoulder, carpal tunnel syndrome, and lower back/hip pain to name a few.

I was overly eager and unrealistic to offer a complementary treatment to anyone who were interested the first time around.  Please know that my heart was in the right place, but I did not have the time to honor all the requests as of date.  I will be in touch with those who have responded after my last email and honor my offering.  However, due to limited time that I have, especially raising a toddler, you may not hear from me in the immediate future, but please be assured that I will definitely contact you. 

Since completing the second level of LDT, I am confident that this work will be significant part of what I offer to my students and massage clients going onward.  I feel obligated to share what I know with you because LDT is such a gentle yet powerful modality of body work.  I will be offering complimentary sessions to more special population.  I will offer the first session free to anyone who had surgery (recent or old) and/or having chronic and painful joint issues, such as frozen shoulder, knee/ankle/hip/elbow/wrist/neck/back issues.  I can also see people with level 0 to 1 Lymphedema condition.  If you have level 2 or higher, I would need to refer you to someone else until further training.  I am grateful to my LDT2 instructor, Vehice Kutay.  She has taught me much in a very short time and helped me gain the confidence that I know how to do this work and do it well. 

I look forward helping many with scars tissue and pain issues.  Please contact me and ask me more about LDT.  Thank you.

Now to the new Yoga session for the brand New Year!  Schedule will remain the same as last time, although I don’t have enough interest for Thursday morning 8.30a class thus far.  As mentioned in previous emails, class with less than 5 participants will not hold.  Below are the details for the new session.


Winter into Spring 2011 Yoga Session

(1/2~3.31/2011 : 13 weeks at $195

($175.50 for MTA, k-12 and Full time college students, and Seniors 60+))


Sun    6.30p             Heated Hatha          (4 space available)

Mon   6.30p             Hatha                     (4 space available)

Wed   5.15p             Hatha (1 hour)        (4 space available)  === 1 hr class special rate $130, no discount applied ===

Wed   6.30p             Hatha                     (1 space available)

Thur   8.30a             Hatha                     (7 space available)


All classes are registered on the basis of first come first serve.  Please send $50 deposit to reserve your space to :


Smiling Circle Yoga

P.O.Box 741

Fiskdale, MA 01518


For those of you looking to take class on Sat morning, Warren Ramsey offers a wonderful 90 min class on Saturdays starting at 9am.  Please contact Warren directly at


Some of you have expressed interest in bringing Yoga to your work place.  Thank you.  Due to limited time I can only fill few of these requests on first come first serve basis as well.  Please let me know with more defined requests as soon as possible.  I wish all of you a Happy, Healthy, and Prosperous New Year!  Thank you for your steady support.  SCY just entered its 9th year in service.  Thank you!






P.S.  Give the gift of touch and health to your loved ones this Holiday or for special days, such as anniversary or birthdays.   SCY offers Gift Certificates in any amount for Yoga and/or Massage.  I can keep the certificate for your lucky someones if you run out of time for mailing.  Please contact me.

P.S.S.  On a much lighter note, but no less serious matter of Cellulite issues for the Ladies (NOT to be confused with Cellulitis!), LDT can VISIBLY reduce it!  Alas, yes, only Ladies.  One of the ingredients that make up Cellulite is Estrogen.  So unfair!  LDT also helps to reduce the appearance of wrinkles! 

P.S.S.S.  For Ladies Only : Did you know that Bras are bad for us, especially if you have Cancer history in your family?  Axilla region (armpit) and Breasts are major hubs of Lymph nodes and lymph vessels.  Compressing these areas with tight elastics and straps, and even worse, with UNDERWIREs are obviously going to restrict Lymph flow!  If you can get away without wearing one, please do.  If you must wear the Bras, then consider the healthier one, such as the ones by “Le Mystere” brand, Non-Underwire type.  You can find this brand on, Macy’s, Norstroms…etc.  NO WOMEN should wear UNDERWIRE bra, especially if you had Breast Cancer in your past or family history.  To put it bluntly, it’s you Looks or your Life.  Gentlemen…please no UNDERWIRE bras for your sweethearts.  Thank you!

P.S.S.S.S  I promise, this is the last LDT related P.S’s.  For folks who stand or sit extensively throughout the day, please consider wearing compression stockings to help reduce fatigue and increase recovery time.  Teachers, Postal Workers, Drivers, Chefs, Office Workers, Factory/Manufacturing Workers, and Runners/Athelets to name some.  ACE bandages should not be used in place of Compression Stockings.  If you have chronic but stable (non-acute) edemic condition, please consult your doctor for prescription and qualified personnel at local Medical Supply stores should be able to find your dream fit CS!  Have fun!  I’m going to get a pair for me in the year. 


Bring a Buddy!  

Bring a Buddy to SCY and receive a Free class or collect 4 Buddy Passes and receive a Free 60min. Therapeutic Massage treatment!  Word of mouth is how we advertise.  Please help us grow in the community.  Thank you!


Enter to Win!

Each time you attend class at SCY, you are eligible to enter a raffle to win a Free 60min. Therapeutic Massage treatment!  A winner is drawn per each session.           Good Luck!

Summer Drawing Winner

Shiela J.

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